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Graduated from Seikei University, Japan majoring in Law in 1986.

Appointed as Commissioner since 2016 pursuant to the Deed No. 8 dated 7 November 2016, drawn up by Nanny Wiana Setiawan, S.H.

Before serving as Commissioner of the Company, he began his career by joining Marubeni Corporation as Staff Member of Construction Machinery Department II Coordination Sector in 1986. Later on, in  1987, he served as Staff of Agriculture Machinery and Development-Industrial Sector I Department and as Staff  in Agriculture Machinery and Development-Industrial Sector III Department in 1990 at the same company. In 1992, he served as Staff Member in Marubeni Machinery & Engineering Corporation. Afterwards, in 1993, he was temporary transferred to Kubota Tractor Corporation, Los Angeles United States of America. In 1999, he returned to Marubeni Corporation, Tokyo Japan as Staff in Transportation Project and Railway Sector I Department and also as Assisstant Manager in Business Development Section. In 2000, he was appointed as Deputy General Manager in Marubeni Corporation Jakarta Representative Office. And then in 2006, he served as General Manager for Machinery and Agriculture Equipment Section in Construction and Agriculture Machinery Department, Marubeni Corporation Tokyo, Japan. From 2008 until 2009, he was appointed as Managing Director in Marubeni AG Machinery, Turkey. Later on, he was appointed as General Manager of the Agriculture Machinery Department in Marubeni America Corporation Los Angeles, United States of America in 2009. After that, he served as Managing Director in Marubeni Nigeria Limited in 2013 before appointed as Machinery Director of PT Marubeni Indonesia, Jakarta in 2016.





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