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Corporate Social Responsibility

SANFinance shares love, break fasting with SANFinance Employees and inviting the children's representatives from the Al - Muchlisin Orphanage Foundation. In addition SANFinance also provides operational assistance to the board of the Foundation.

The Community Economic Empowerment Program, SANFinance provides business capital assistance to "Sun Three Star" which is a self-help business of the Imam Ahmad Orphanage Foundation.

Astra Knowledge SharingSANFinance with other Astra Financial Services companies provide financial literacy to students of SMKN 20 Jakarta.

Healthy Blood Donor, in April & July 2018, SANFinance with several tenants in the 18 Office Park
neighborhood reinstated blood donors.

SANFinance shares love, Yayasan Bina Bhakti Panti Werdha "Caritas" Bekasi, 05 January 2018. SANFinance provides donation in the form of operational support and supporting needs for the elderly.

Healthy Blood Donor, along with several tenants in the 18 Office Park neighborhood, for the second time SANFinance conducted a blood donation on December 13, 2017.

SANFinance knowledge sharing, SAN Finance provides financial literacy to employees of Astra Group Jakarta who entered retirement period and who have retired

SANFinance sacrifices, SANFinance participates in Idul Adha celebration by giving sacrificial animals for slaughter at Pesantren Imam Ahmad Foundation, Bekasi, 03 September 2017.

SANFinance Share the Loves, the break fasting ceremony was held at the Orphanage Foundation Imam Ahmad, Bekasi, besides SANFinance donation in the form of operational support for institutions and supporting facilities for children's education in the orphanage.